Eastern Asphalt

Asphalt Mix Products

Product Name Description
28 mm Gabbro Base course, used in single and multiple layers for roads and heavy traffic areas as asphalt base course
20 mm Gabbro wearing course, designed for withstanding all weather conditions, used as surface course on highways and runways
GL-10 10 mm Gabbro wearing course, specially designed as surface layer for tennis courts, car parks and similar areas.
Sand Asphalt
Designed for tank bases and similar works
BRM-14 A new generation 14 mm wearing course with latex modified bitumen, a fusion of super pave and Marshall asphalt, designed by our experts specially for the Middle East Region. This mix can solve the rutting problems and have a high skid resistance and durability, recommended as surface course on highways, runways, roundabouts, traffic signals and other high stress areas